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At TWF we are proud of our reputation of pioneers and we gladly think outside the box.
We love facing new and real challenges.

Optimism and gratitude help us grow as people. Human and moral values are highly regarded as well as curiosity, humor, intelligence and boldness.
Ideally you have most of these qualities:

Improve your skills

Guided by strong values TWF's human resources policy is based on personnel training and accountability.

The product expertise which is at the heart of our know-how will be improved by periods of training from time to time. TWF has developed an effective integration program at headquarters and on the spot. New personnel will be invited to blind tastes and to visit our customers with our senior sales managers.


Committed to the training of young minds, TWF integrated a team of sales representatives on apprenticeship contracts in 2017 : a real pool of talent for future recruitments.

Our sales forces have to remain attentive to our clients' needs. Flexibility and personal initiative are encouraged.

Transverse missions allow voluntary staff to develop their talents and participate in new projects such as sales & marketing coordination, tea education, merchandising club, ERP implementation...

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As we operate in various markets and are active in several distribution channels we can offer a wide choice of occupations in sales, marketing, finance, data processing, logistics, supply chain, human resources, quality assurance, communication...

Your CV and your application letter will help us to understand your personality and motivations.

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Staff testimonials

  • Eric
    National sales director EPIDIS and FRAIDIS. In the company since 1994.

    He manages and coordinates sales forces.

    Eric admitted: « TWF strength: be where we are not expected ! »
  • Corinne
    Assistant sales director. In the company since 2007.

    She manages the administrative and logistical relations with retail customers (order, delivery, invoicing, etc.) and monitoring of key data for central purchasing.

    She declared: "It was nice growing up, we remain a family and friendly company. "
  • Gwellann
    Regional sales manager at FRAIDIS. In the company since 2013.

    He is a culinary advisor in charge of Britany, Normandy and Loire Valley. He is selling to executive chefs and F&B directors.

    Gwellann admitted: « Since I have tasted Dilmah teas I don’t drink tea the same way »